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Your guide to poultry

Whether the bird in questions is a chicken, a turkey, a duck or a goose, the same terminology applies.

Drumstick – The drumstick is a firm favourite for barbecuing or frying, either in batter or rolled in bread crumbs. Drumsticks are very good value too.

Wing – Wings do not supply very much meat, but are ideal and very popular party or finger food. They can be fried, roast or barbecued, with or without a marinade or glaze.

Thigh – The thigh is suitable for casseroling and other slow-cooking methods. Thigh meat has a lot of flavour, and is often the cut recommended for curry or oriental dishes.

Leg – This comprises of the drumstick and thigh. Large pieces with bones, such as this, are suitable for slow-cooking, such as casseroling or poaching. They can also be roast, and some people use the roast legs to make home made soup or stock.

Breast or Fillet – The tender white meat of the breast is the most popular part of the chicken. It is available either on the bone, or as a fillet. Chicken breast can be simply cooked in butter or can be stuffed, coated or wrapped for extra flavour. It is an extremely versatile cut.